The Word On The Street

Aug 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Wrong again!  That’s what I get for believing the word on the street — at least when the street isn’t in Oysterville.  I think I’ve already established that the Oystershell Telegraph which functions here in the village is pretty much always right.  But on Friday, I heard the enticing “fact” that on March 12, 2023, we would spring forward for the last time, adjusting our clocks for permanent Daylight Savings Time.

Though I know better, I didn’t research that “fact” until after I had passed on the information to several people, even prompting a bit of a discussion at our Friday Night Gathering about which would be better as a permanent time solution — Daylight or Standard time.  I’m all for sticking to one or the other and hadn’t thought much about which I like best.  But, my friend Bill (who is another early morning person) is adamant that by “giving” us an extra hour of daylight in the morning, Standard Time is by far the best.  Good point, Bill!

I’m embarrassed to say that it wasn’t until I’d bought into the truth of the word on the street (the “street” being in a community to our south, not in Oysterville) that I did a little research.  Emphasis on “a little.”  As far as I can learn, it’s not a done deal yet.  Apparently, last May the Senate unanimously approved a measure called the Sunshine Protection Act that would “make daylight saving time permanent starting in 2023, ending the twice-annual changing of clocks in a move promoted by supporters advocating brighter afternoons and more economic activity”

YIKES!  Wouldn’t you know that it’s all about money!  I also read that “The House of Representatives… must still pass the bill before it can go to President Joe Biden to sign.”  So far as I have learned, that necessary piece has not yet happened.  So… maybe Standard Time still has a chance.  Or maybe we should be considering solar time.  As another of the Friday Nighters put it, “I just like the the clocks to say 12:00 when the sun is straight overhead — the way the time gods intended.”

I’m counting on readers to let me know if there have been further developments that I’ve missed.  As they say, “It’s not over ’til it’s over” or, in this case, until we take the saving and spending out of the equation altogether– assuming we can ignore the old adage “time is money,” that is.


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