The Tense of Future Past?

Oct 30, 2015 | 2 comments


The Ocean Park - Nahcotta Boardwalk

The Ocean Park – Nahcotta Boardwalk

I’ve never been good at imagining the future. Buck Rogers and his ilk were never my heroes. On the other hand, I have just about as much difficulty visualizing the past. I’m talking about the distant past here – not the recent past that, admittedly,  my memory is already fuzzy about.

Keith Cox, the King of Oyster Documentaries, recently sent some photographs that he had acquired at the Ocean Park Library. Few were labeled; most were of Ocean Park. Some were images of things I remember very well – the Moby Dick in its heyday; the boardwalk that Ocean Park kids used going to and from school in Nahcotta; ‘The Wreckage’ with all its driftwood sculptures in the front yard.

"Nahcotta - Ocean Park Road"

“Nahcotta – Ocean Park Road”

However, there are several that I think I should remember but they are just beyond my certainty. On two of them the photographer wrote “The Ocean Park – Nahcotta Road.” They appear to have been taken in the same place but across the road from one another, one facing one direction (west?) and one facing the other way (east?).

I’m assuming that it is an early version of Bay Avenue. It is much narrower than the present day street and it is unpaved – probably graveled but it’s hard to tell. What flummoxes me is the curve. I think it might have been taken at the east end of the road where it actually turned into Nahcotta – no corner; just a curve.

"Nahcotta-Ocean Park Road"

“Nahcotta-Ocean Park Road”

But, if that’s the case, where is the road we now call Sandridge? I’m pretty sure that ‘back road’ that used to be called the Peninsula Road (after all, it was the only one until the railroad “went out” as the old-timers used to say) was there. Somewhere. Maybe it was farther to the east? Or maybe Bay Avenue didn’t go  as far east as it does now? Maybe this curve was at another point in the road altogether? Or maybe it’s a completely different road.

I wish there was a date on the photograph. Then I’d know if I’m having trouble remembering or visualizing. I hope someone, somewhere knows the rest of this story.


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    A cautionary tale about dating pictues. Of course, so many keep their pictures on their devices which I do not consider as secure as physical pictures. Who knows what personal and regional history will someday be lost?

  2. Vicki Carter

    I have been going through and scanning family photos for years. I have thousands on my computer and backed up on a separate hard drive. A couple of years ago I did an updated book, with photos, of the genealogy of my mom’s family. I personally don’t have room to store thousands of pictures. Every time we have another reunion I offer photos that have been scanned to whoever wants them. Photos with nothing identifying them are a real pain.


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