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Nov 19, 2018 | 1 comment

Charlie Takes Center Stage, 11/18/2018

Yesterday my 62-year-old (ahem) son was in a recital in L.A. but, since Nyel and I are pretty much house-bound until he can put weight on his leg again (five more weeks), we could only wish him luck from afar.  Not the usual “break a leg” though.  We are avoiding that particular phrase at all costs.

Not only does Nyel have a badly broken left leg which is keeping him wheelchair-bound, but Charlie also has a bad break – three, actually – that occurred last week in a fall.  It’s his left clavicle and his surgery is set for this Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

Dem Bones

But meanwhile…  Charlie has been taking voice lessons for several years and, in typical music lesson fashion, his teacher arranged for her students to give a recital for family and friends.  Not the usual recital, mind you.  It’s L.A. after all.  She had each of her students showcase a song from a Broadway musical and arranged the numbers so that there was a sort of a story, (at least that is my understanding.)  Then she and the students pooled their money, rented a small theater for a (rehearsal) day and a night and… voilà!  Last night was the big production.

Charlie, in true showmanship fashion, did his part on cue.  I know that because his step-sister Marta managed to leave smoke-filled Northern California for a few days in smoke-filled Southern California and she and her friend Jim were there!  She not only called with a full report, but sent a picture.  Charlie looks great – but I couldn’t help but wonder about his tie.  It’s one of those dreaded clip-on affairs I imagine, since he is under strict orders not to move his left arm.  To say nothing of the fact that it hurts like hell if he does.

Marta and Jim

I wish we coulda… but am so glad Marta was there to represent the family. Way to go Charlie!  You are a trooper in the total “show must go on” tradition.  We are proud of you!

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  1. Linda Johnson

    Well done, Charlie! So sorry you had to miss the event, Sydney.


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