The Pane of It All

Apr 17, 2013 | 4 comments

The New Additon to Wachsmuths'Yesterday, as I was returning from chauffeuring Nyel to work (I really need a little cap!), I caught sight of Tucker walking toward his cabin (which, with its new additions, we should begin referring to as a “house.”)

He’s been in town a lot lately – days at a time in fact – but we’ve seen very little of him.  That’s because he has been working inside on the overwhelming task of painting windows.  Most are double glazed and many are huge.  They need to be taken apart before they are painted so that he can do at least one coat on otherwise unseen surfaces.

Window Parts I can’t remember now how many were delivered a few weeks ago. Twenty-some I think, but maybe more.  Tucker said that he had just brought six of the thirteen sunroom windows down from Portland in his car.  I walked over the cabin/house with him to take a look.

Seeing them was the first difficulty.  Not that they are hidden.  Windows are everywhere, but since they are not yet installed and all their openings are boarded up, they provide no light to the interior.  Tucker has flood lights set up so that he can see to paint but, otherwise, the only illumination from the out-of-doors comes from the open doorway.  I threaded myself carefully through the maze, ever mindful that there were huge sheet of glass in every direction.

Window DiagramTucker has the windows situated in every conceivable space inside the cabin/house.  They are propped in the corners, leaning against the walls, and stacked atop one another.  Just moving those windows around is a job in itself.  Some of them are huge and, even when Tucker sorts out a place to put them for painting purposes, moving them into a suitable position is a job for a stevedore.

The Day of Installation is set for April 22nd.  Will they be ready?  When I posed that question, Tucker just smiled and shrugged with a “We’ll see…” sort of response.  I don’t expect that we’ll get many glimpses of him between now and then – as paneful prospect, indeed.


  1. Kathleen Shaw

    Oooh, the tilting kind, so that you can wash the outside from the inside! How fantastic. Sure would make the cleaning of your upstairs windows easier, wouldn’t it, Sydney? Too bad they weren’t yet invented when your house was built…

    • sydney

      Once again, I should have made myself clear! Although I took photographs of Tucker’s actual windows awaiting paint, there was apparently ‘operator error’ at work and so none of my pictures turned out. Therefore, I went online and found some generic drawings showing a variety of window parts just to show the complexity of it all. I don’t think any of them, especially the tilting kind, represent the actual windows Tucker is painting. But I certainly agree that, in the case of our windows, such a mechanism would solve my window washing problem!!

  2. Mark

    Should end the piece with, “sash all, folks!”

    • sydney



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