The Noises Underfoot

Apr 1, 2012 | 5 comments

Dark and Scary Underpinnings

     The house shook.  Our chairs trembled.  And I think our hearts stopped.  It was not yet nine o’clock at night, but outside it was very dark and very stormy.  We held our breaths.
     And then it came again, right from underneath us.  BLAM-TE-DEE-BLAM-BLAM-BLAM!  If anything. it was louder and more prolonged.
     There were no vocal noises – no yowls or howls or hair-raising screeches.  It wasn’t cats.  The noise stopped for four or five minutes and then resumed.  Still in the same place…maybe.  Or was it in the walls this time?
     We turned off the inside lights, turned the porch light on.  Nyel bravely (I thought) went out in the rain and wind with his flashlight.  It was (I thought) a pretty puny beam.  The door to the crawl space was ajar, but wisely (I thought) he neither went in to look nor did he reposition the door.  Maybe it will go away.
     The banging continued, on and off, for a half hour or so.  It was unnerving, but there didn’t seem to be anything useful to do about it.  So we went to bed.
     In the morning, Nyel took another look.  This time, he went forward into the crawl space and had a look around.  “Nothing obvious,” he reported.  “No animal evidence.  No eyes watching me.”
     “But,” he said, “the insulation on the underside of the house is in tatters.”  New tatters? Or old tatters?  We don’t know.
     All I could think was, “Another damned maintenance problem!”  Some things get tiresome very quickly…


  1. Dorothy Danielson

    Sorry Sidney —those maintenance problems !!!! My Washer decided to be ill here a while back — did not want a new washer and dryer — wanted that one fixed — perfectly happy with them –what do you mean no parts available — my Jerry who builds cars from old piles of stuff — was standing there — why can’t you fix it ??? Thought he could fix pretty well anything – but guess not that one — Now Jerry Faddis would have fixed it one way or another — so I understand your frustrations — after all my washer and dryer was only maybe 10 -13 years old — Jerry informed me no – more like 20 —when I buy something I want it to last Forever ——- good luck —

  2. Sandy Stonebreaker

    I suppose you will have a sequel tomorrow!
    For at least a year now I have been saying I wish the dishwasher, one refrigerator and the washer-dryer would just die so we could get a new one. They did not cooperate so now, with only one income, I certainly don’t want them to do so.

  3. Kitt

    I am beginning to think there really is truth to The Ghost Stories of North Beach!

  4. Jean Stamper

    Wayne says he thinks it’s a raccoon we have a family of them under our deck in Portland and they get pretty noisy. We have had them under the deck here in Oysterville too. They may be building a nest with your insulation. Hope you don’t have any more repair problems, you’ve had enough!!

  5. Stephanie Frieze

    Have there been more noises since that one dark and stormy day? I hope the insulation will be easily repaired! We’ve had an unidentified critter in our garage in Gig Harbor.


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