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Apr 5, 2020 | 0 comments

Looking South on Territory Road, Oysterville c. 1930 – Stony Point Pictures

Stony Point Pictures (aka Keith Cox) has been posting old photos on Frank Lehn’s “Long Beach Peninsula Friends of Facebook.”  I love them!  They are worth the “price of the ticket” for sure!  Many I’ve seen before but with some it’s a first time thing.

Today I came across one of Territory Road (once called “4th Street”) that was taken of “our end” of the road looking from north to south.  It was new to me.  Almost.  I have one taken at a similar time period, but from south to north.  No cows in this one, though.  Just chickens.

Looking South on Territory Road, Oysterville, c. 1920 – Espy Family Archive

Some other all too familiar and sad images of Oysterville  that have recently been posted are of the Oysterville Church when the steeple was boarded up, and one of the little Captain Stream House — perhaps also the same time period.  Although, on second thought, the photo of the church is in color which probably puts it closer to 1980 when its restoration began.  (From 1930 to 1980, it looked much the same.) The big spruce tree in the right foreground (our garden) puts it much closer to 1980.

Oystreville Church Prior to 1980 Restoration – Stony Point Pictures

All of them make me think that seeing these photos is the next best thing to being able to travel back in time.  All of them also make me think of the improvements that have been made since we became a National Historic District and the Oysterville Restoration Foundation was formed.

Now, though, we may be over the top.  It seems to me that upkeep and restoration have been conflated, in some cases, with a good dollop of fantasy.  I’m glad to have these old photos to help us remember where we’ve come from.  Thanks, Keith!


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