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Sep 24, 2015 | 2 comments

Andrew - From FaceBook

Andrew – From FaceBook

We have a week left in this month but it seems to me that it’s been longer than most already. That’s often the way it is with me when I’m spending a good part of my time on a new writing project. For big chunks of each day, I’m immersed in some other reality with the here-and-now only happening around the edges. Hard to explain, but… experientially, time seems to expand and the days and weeks seem doubly rich with ideas and places and people, some a part of the ‘real’ world and some a part of the world emerging on the pages of my manuscript.

Leigh - From FaceBook

Leigh – From FaceBook

That perception is underscored (if you can underline something as amorphous as thought) by the messages and photographs that greet me on FaceBook each morning when I take a quick look at what my friends are up to. Again, my reality expands and I see life from new perspectives! I can’t help but wonder how this all relates to Einstein’s time-space continuum – as in how much space is there in my consciousness for all the realities I seem to be involved in at any one time?

Greg and Valentino - From Facebook

Greg and Valentino – From Facebook

And what would my grandparents and great-grandparents have made of it all – they who waited for days or even months or years for “news” from afar? In their old age, the biggest part of my grandparents’ day was when the mail came. Papa would read aloud the letters from “the children” first, then those from friends, then the “County paper” and, finally any “circulars” or “solicitations.” I don’t think there was anything that was looked upon as junk mail. It was all considered a window on the outside world and worth paying some bit of attention to.

I imagine they would have been thrilled, as am I, to see their friends ‘in situ’ – a glimpse at loved ones in their own reality and in a timely, almost instantaneous, fashion. And what is in store for our descendants? I can’t even imagine. Whatever the possibilities, I hope that time and place are expanded for them (in a good way) like I feel my own is.


  1. Caroline Miller

    Am so impressed that you can write these lovely blogs and still turn our manuscripts. Go girl!

    • sydney

      Thank you, Caroline!


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