The magic has begun in Oysterville!

Dec 5, 2020 | 0 comments

Oysterville Church In Her 2020 Christmas Finery

We first noticed that the Christmas Fairy had been to Oysterville on December 1st.  Earlier than usual this year, I think.  But there were two beautiful big wreaths on the church doors — clear evidence that holiday surprises were beginning.

The next day… a wonderfully fragrant wreath appeared next to our front door!  We had more-or-less decided not to bother with decorating the house, even the outside, this year.  But that Christmas Fairy is tricky.  She may know what you are thinking, but she has her own ideas about what’s appropriate — pandemic or no pandemic.  Visitors or no visitors!

Christmas Wreath 2020

I was just pondering how to get two more wreaths to balance out our porch doors and their decor when another fairy actually got in touch with me via the magic of cyberspace  She was stopping at Trader Joe’s on her way to the beach and would I like anything.  You bet!  Two wreaths, some good brie and some cambozola!  Done! Done! and Done!

And then the Christmas discussion took a turn toward reality.  “Let’s get a tree this year, after all,” said Nyel.  “Maybe just a one.”  “Maybe a live one?” I wondered.  Not a done deal yet, but… soon.  We have to talk to Tucker about the sightline to the bay from his house.  It might go right over the area where we think a little Noble Fir would like to live.  But how long would it take for a three-foot tree to mess up his view of the regatta buoys that he places out in the bay each spring?

2020 Christmas Begins!

And then there’s the problem of getting the Christmas decorations out of storage.  They’re on the highest shelf in the back forty. Of Course!  And what about our usual Poinsettias throughout the house?  Quick!  Put in an order!

I wonder if the Christmas Fairies have any idea what they have begun… at least at our house.  And we couldn’t be more pleased!  To think that we were going to let the season go by without the usual flurry and scurry!  Ridiculous!   Damn the pandemic and full speed ahead!  Thank you Martie Kilmer and Linda Schleef for nudging us on our way!


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