The Least of My Problems

Dec 7, 2020 | 1 comment

Yep! It’s Me!
Sydney, 1941

My hair!  It’s the bane of my existence.  Always has been.  It is fine, curly (or used to be), and frizzes up with the least bit of humidity.  When I was young, my mother struggled (and I endured) putting it up in “kid-leather hair curlers” so that I would have perfect corkscrew curls on special occasions.  They lasted (sometimes) long enough for a picture to be taken.  Otherwise, it was a disaster.

I’ve learned, in all the years since, that I can depend on regular styling and cuts by a fabulous hairdresser or I can let it grow long enough to put it in a French Twist if I’m patient, or in a plain old bun if not. Right now, of course, I can do nothing but wait impatiently for it to grow.  And complain.  I do that regularly and loudly.  Nyel’s answer:  “Get a hairnet!”

Ruth Buzzi’s “Laugh-In” Look

His suggestion immediately conjures up the image of Ruth Buzzi on “Laugh In” and, somehow, in this context it no longer seems funny to me.  If I’m outside, I find that a hat helps keep these wispy gray locks contained.  Inside the house… good old-fashioned bobby pins and patience.  I tell myself daily that, if this is my only complaint, I am truly blessed.  (And, don’t tell Nyel, but I am seriously considering the Ruth Buzzi look.  I wonder if he’ll notice…)

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  1. william grennan

    Hmmm, if I squint just right I do see the resemblance


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