The Jury Is Still Out

May 30, 2018 | 0 comments

We drove home from Longview yesterday afternoon with a new battery in our less-than-year-old Subaru Forester.  After the third time we’d been stranded, we had made an appointment with the dreaded Bud Clary dealership so that they could run a “diagnostic” on the car to determine whether there was a problem.  Never mind that we had been complaining about our unreliable battery at every regularly-scheduled maintenance appointment since last September.

Apparently, they were unable to take our word for the fact that the car had habitually gone dead from the beginning of our relationship.  They finally told us that we would have to schedule a diagnostic appointment that could take up to three hours.  That time, plus the four-hour round-trip to Longview and another day was shot.  But, this time it might have been worth it.

The car was ready in under an hour!  “One dead cell.  We’ve replaced your battery.”  That didn’t make us jump up and down with joy, however.  We’d done our research and had long ago (back in September, actually) found that Subaru’s wimpy batteries are a problem.  We asked the Service Manager if they could upgrade the battery so this (or something similar) would not happen again.  “No.  Subaru won’t allow us to do that – not as long as the car is under warranty.”  Say what???

It occurred to me this morning that we weren’t given any paperwork for the new battery – you know, a little manual or booklet on the care and feeding of this new acquisition.  I guess that’s because things are such that you really can’t do it yourself anymore.  Gone are the days when you unscrew those little caps to check the water level in each cell.  Batteries are now fool-proof when it comes to simple tinkering.  But they aren’t fail-proof.  For sure, the jury is out on this one.


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