The Fustercluck Continues

Jun 16, 2017 | 2 comments

“Our” Forester (almost)

We have yet another temporary car – the third in 17 days.  This one is not a rental.  It is a loaner from Bud Clary’s Subaru dealership in Longview.  Through no fault of their own (as far as we can tell), the 2017 Forester that we bought and paid for on June 4th, is not yet ready for delivery.  There has been one phone call after another – mostly instigated by us with the query “What’s going on?  We haven’t heard from you about our car yet.”  We are not happy campers.

We’ve dealt with three different salesmen, have heard several different stories, many apologies and reasons (perhaps excuses is a better word) and, for my part anyway, patience has given way to extreme annoyance and, yes, a bit of impolite raised voicing.  To think that we may be locked into going there for maintenance for the duration of our warrantee gives me the heebie-jeebies.  In fact, I’m beginning to detest the drive to and from Longview…

The Loaner

The trouble seems to be of our own instigation (of course!).  The first time we went to look at the highly recommended Forester, I was disappointed that the model we were interested in did not come with a choice of upholstery fabric or colors.  We had decided on a red car and wanted black leather upholstery – not the pearl gray fabric it comes with.  “No problem,” we were told.  “Order the car with the standard fabric interior and (for a nominal fee) we’ll send it to the leather guys and they’ll change it out for you.”

Really?  Done and done.  Salesman Number Two’s estimated “two or three days” became “four or five” once we had signed all the bottom lines “and they probably don’t work on the weekend so it may be a few more.”  Then the leather guys were inordinately busy, so it would be another few days.  Yesterday was to be the day…

In Longview

The early morning phone call said they had the car “but you’ll never believe it.  They did it in the wrong color – pearl gray. They need to re-order the black. It says black right on the original paperwork.  I wrote it up myself,” said the voice of salesman number one.  “Why does this always happen to me?” he asked in a tone that approached wailing.

You!?” I thought.  “I’m pretty sure you aren’t the victim here.”  But I didn’t say so.  Instead I turned the phone over to Nyel who gracefully accepted their offer of a loaner.  We picked it up yesterday from Salesman Number Three who also offered to pick up said loaner and deliver our car when it is ready.  To Oysterville.  And we have every intention of accepting that offer, as well.  You betcha!


  1. Lee Ellis

    someone is trying to tell you something. DO NOT buy a Subaru. Worst car we ever had – undependable, expensive to repair.

    Get another Prius!

    • sydney

      Not going to happen. The only good thing about the Prius was the fact that we were doing a little more to save the planet. Otherwise — uncomfortable, difficult to get in and out of, unsafe feeling, etc. etc. Anyway, the Forester is a done deal. We’re just waiting for delivery.


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