The Fruits of August

Aug 13, 2013 | 1 comment

Early Apples

Early Apples

For the past week or so, we’ve been greeted each morning by a scattering of apples under our William’s Pride apple tree.  “Time to harvest,” said Farmer Nyel, “before the deer and birds do it for us.”

There have been times in the past that we have found a neat bite or two out of each apple on the low branches when the Deer People have beaten us to the early apple crop.  And, we have seldom been faster than the early birds who peck away at the newly fallen fruit.  So this year, Nyel was almost first.  No deer bites, but there were a few pecks.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

It worked out to twenty pounds of perfect apples and four pounds of not-so-perfects.  The latter will probably become applesauce.  They vary in size and color and probably in taste.  There are some that are huge and deep red all over.  They will be the sweetest.  There are some that are pretty puny yet and not much red blush on them.  I imagine they’ll be pretty tart.

Nyel’s theory is that the big red apples are positioned on the tree so that they get more sun.  I’m thinking that this grafted tree isn’t quite perfect and the small, puny ones are the apples that begin a month or so after the others.  They are on those two or three branches that blossom after the fruit has already set on the rest of the tree.  Maybe we should be harvesting them later in the summer.

South Porch

South Porch

In any event, our crop from William’s Pride is a tad bit (two pounds) larger this year than last but only half of the record forty pounds of 2010.  Even so, twenty pounds seems like more-than-plenty considering that our second no-name apple tree presents its ripened fruit in mid to late September.  Last year we were enjoying our own fresh apples well into December – to say nothing of pies and sauce and a baked apple or two.

Meanwhile, Nyel completed his hanging wooden basket project and transferred the fuchsias from the seven old-falling-apart containers to the brightly painted new ones.  They look so happy lined up along the south porch. And August isn’t even half over.  Maybe we’ll actually get the porch painted before the month is out.  That would be a bountiful August, indeed!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Maybe someone you know has a dehydrator you could borrow and make apple chips!


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