The First Thanksgiving… And The Second One, Too!

Nov 23, 2012 | 1 comment

Today, while the rest of the world (or so it would seem) is off on a ginormous shopping spree, we will be celebrating our second Thanksgiving of the season.  Today’s dinner will be with our Red House Cousins and various “connections” which is, in our family, how we describe the relatives of our relatives.  It will be a spirited time and will include at least two youngsters – Silas, who began Kindergarten this year, and his little sister, Ginger.

Also ‘at table’ will be Ginger’s great-great-aunt after whom she was named – ninety-six-year old-Virginia Williams Jones who is variously called “Gin,” “Ginger” or “Virginia.”   She grew up in Ilwaco in the early years of the last century and is a storehouse of historic information.  Plus she has a great sense of humor and knows where ‘all the bodies are buried.’  It will be a fun-filled dinner party with Auntie Gin there!

Yesterday’s celebratory dinner was with friends and was also a lively one.  The meal centered on the traditional turkey, roasted to perfection by the host.  I had wondered briefly (and impudently) if the dinner would feature duck, but both ducks – which were actually pets and not intended as anyone’s entrée – were polished off by an unknown predator a few weeks back.  From the paw prints left behind, the culprit appeared to have been a large feline type.  Maybe a bobcat or a cougar.

In addition to the turkey, of course, were all the fixin’s from garlic mashed potatoes and decadent spinach casserole to stuffing and cranberry sauce and two kinds of pie – pumpkin and apple.  Plus a full complement of appetizers and beverages beforehand.  I really thought I’d never need to eat again.

But here it is, a new day with new reasons to be thankful (one of which is that we won’t be off on a shop-‘til-you-drop mission!) and another dinner to look forward to.  I can’t wait!  Funny how that works…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I have always maintained that the reason so many religions have a mea,l or something representing it, as a part of ritual is that breaking bread with others really does bind us together and tradition is the glue. We make memories for the Silases and Gingers to carry into their adult traditions. It sounds as if your holiday season is off to a good start!


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