The Finishing Touches

Jun 15, 2018 | 1 comment

Window Trim, June 2018

“Well, we’ve got the old girl dressed! Now we’re just putting on her earrings and she’s going to look terrific!”

It was our friend Jay talking and he was just finishing up the window trim on the west side of the house. ‘She’ was looking like a million bucks – a big improvement over a few weeks ago when she was right down to her undergarments and beyond!  There’s nothing like a new outfit to make an old lady perk right up – especially this 149-year-old icon of pioneer Oysterville architecture.

Bloomers and Beyond — May 2018

Now that we are retired and living the dream (as they say) on a fixed income, we can only manage to get the house painted a bit at a time.  The neediest parts this time around were the west and south sides – fortunate, in a way, because those are the parts that visitors see as they approach her.  If we decide to have a 150th birthday party for her next year she will definitely look dressed for the occasion!

The house has been white with forest green trim for the eighty-plus years I’ve known her so it’s not really that she looks like she’s wearing a new frock – more like she’s been washed, starched and ironed and maybe given a little extra bling-bling.  The rest of the house just looks a bit tired by comparison but, for that matter, don’t we all?

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  1. Caroline Miller

    Think I may get a sense of why I’m not seeing your blogs regularly. Part of it is the way FB sets what it thinks are my priorities. The other part is timeing. Looks like you posted this in the afternoon. I check out FB in the morning and again mid afternoon, most days. I’m late today so I caught your posting. By the time I get to it normally you would be qued with messages I read the next day and far down the line. And because I don’t see them to respond, FB presumes you’re a low priority — which you arent. I’m guessiong, of course. But I think it makes sense why I seldom see your posts.


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