The cost of satisfaction: $5.00!

Apr 7, 2022 | 3 comments

You may remember that on March 7, 2022 — exactly one month ago today — I wrote this in my Oysterville Daybook blog:
1:00 – 3:30 — Composed a letter to the Head of the Billing Department at OHSU outlining my frustration with their failure to submit our claim to Blue Cross.  (See yesterday’s blog: “It’s the principal of the thing.”)  I sent copies of said letter to the President of OHSU (at friend Steve’s suggestion) as well as to each of the eight Directors who sit on the OHSU Board, as listed on their website.  (They cleverly include no phone numbers.  But we’ve played that hurry-up-and-get-disconnected-game with OHSU before so no matter…)

With the original letter to the Head of Billing, I attached a $40 check to pay the “bill” that I did not owe so that I would not be turned over to small claims court.  I had no expectations of getting a response but, in fact, within a week or so I did hear from someone in their Customer Relations Department saying that she was “looking into the matter” and to expect a response as to her findings within thirty days.

What I received last week was a check from OHSU, made out to me,in the amount of $40 with this generic note attached:  We are refunding an overpayment on your account for medical services at OHS.  The overpayment occurred due to over collection of patient payments.  Should you have any questions, please call our customer service department at (503)494-8760.

“Overpayment” my ass!  That was NOT the issue.  But, never mind.  They finally submitted my claim to my secondary insurance company which was all I had expected them to do in the first place.  As I figure it, I’m only out the postage on the ten letters I sent and, by rights, they should reimburse that, too!! But I am SO done with them, I could care less.

And here endeth some sort of lesson — for whom, I’m not sure!


  1. Nancy Holden

    Little Red Hen, I am touched that she was waiting for Nyel to come home.

  2. William Grennan

    I had the same problem with OHSU billing One nasty letter to them cleared it up. Thanks for trailblazing them

  3. Caroline Miller

    These tribulations, if it’s any comfort, are common. You persevered and won. That’s worth giving yourself a pat on the back. And yes, if I were in charge of the world, you’d get reimbursed for stamps and stationary, too Then there’s the feel to compensate for the aggrivation!


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