The Christmas Spirit?

Nov 29, 2010 | 2 comments

’tis the season

     I can scarcely believe that the Christmas swags are made and mounted on our porch!  It is against my principals to do anything “Christmassy” until December rolls around.  All the pressure of television commercials and “Black Friday” three a.m. sales are off-putting in the extreme.  Even when we owned the Bookvendor, we waited to do our Christmas displays until the first of December.  So what happened to us this year?
     Somehow, we gave way.  I think it was mostly me.  It was at my urging that Nyel went out gathering Christmas greenery and dragged Christmas boxes in from the garage for the ribbons and big California pinecones that we use for trimming each year.  Then he spent the afternoon assembling and hanging them, even though there were yet three days of November left.  I do believe it was peer pressure right here in Oysterville that caused us to cave.
     Day before yesterday there were the two lighted Christmas trees that the neighbors put up in the churchyard.  By last night, there were several more marching up the street in front of various other houses.  A first-ever in Oysterville as far as I know!  And all done by the same generous neighbors intent upon spreading the Christmas spirit.
    I’m not sure whether I urged Nyel to do the swags yesterday in self defense – perhaps in the fear that the Christmas elves would (or would not?) begin decorating our yard –  or because our December calendar is beginning to clot up and I felt that we’d better take advantage of a quiet day at home.  Now that those swags are in place, I have mixed emotions.  They do make the house look Christmassy, but my own holiday spirit hasn’t caught up yet.  Even so… maybe we’ll go looking for a tree today – an eleven-foot one that will sit just inside our bay window.  Well… the Christmas boxes are already handy…


  1. Patty Brewe

    Sydney I completely agree with you however I have had an amazing cranberry wreath up for about two weeks now. As long as you don’t have your tree up in November you’re doing fine… Christmas trees before the first weekend in December, never!


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