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Feb 26, 2013 | 1 comment

'Night NightOur girls are huge, or so they look to me when I tuck them in each night just before sunset.  Of course, I’m looking at them from what some might call an unflattering perspective.  They are on their perch, settling in for the night and I am seeing their feathery behinds.  Huge!

Farmer Nyel says, “Not so.”  But then it’s been a month and more since he’s been the one to close them in for the night.  I contend that they don’t look as big when they are just running around in the garden, free-ranging as it were.  But by the dusky light of evening, they look almost as big as turkeys!  Really!

Which just goes to show that lighting is everything.  And also, that feathers are not slimming.  It’s true, too, that the ladies wearing white look a bit fuller in the hind quarters than those in the darker feathers.  You can learn a lot about fashion from chickens.

Most important, though, is attitude and these ladies have lots of it.  They rustle their bustles and flounce their skirts even as they are getting ready for a good night’s sleep.  And, I really don’t think they are doing it for anyone else’s benefit – certainly not mine.

The only reason I even get a glimpse of them is because I’m checking the nest boxes on the opposite side of their coop.  As I gather the eggs, I can look toward the perch to see that everyone is home in time for curfew.  I tell them “goodnight and thank you” for their beautiful offerings.

Sometimes I tell them how delicious the frittata was or the potato salad or whatever else we might have enjoyed made with their eggs.  I never mention eating chicken to them, though.  That would be tacky.

I remember when they were skittish and shy and looked like little yellow or white fur balls.  No attitude then!  But now, they are full of confidence and pizazz.  They are all about being hens and laying eggs and clucking up a storm.  These ladies know what it’s all about!

As I say, you can learn a lot from chickens!  Just fluff your feathers and strut your stuff!  Spend time in the garden and get a good night’s sleep.  Easy as that!

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  1. sandy stonebreaker

    Maybe that you are considerably smaller than Nyel; thus the ladies look bigger to you!
    Sounds as if they are nice ladies since you don’t mention them pecking you.


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