The Big News from Oysterville!

May 21, 2020 | 2 comments

Dan Driscoll, 2017

Maybe if we hadn’t been seriously sheltering, we would have had a heads up.  As it happened, though, we had no idea until we read it in the Chinook Observer — Dan Driscoll is running for County Commissioner!  About him, the article said:  Driscoll, an oysterman, owns Oysterville Sea Farms and had a well-documented legal battle with Pacific County over land-use and licensing issues to his seafood shop.  The battle escalated to the state Court of Appeals, which sided with Driscoll and upheld an original South Court ruling in 2018.

Oysterville Sea Farms, 2015 — A Bob Duke Photo

What the article does not say, of course, is that said “legal battle” did more to qualify Dan for candidacy in this election than any experience that either of his opponents have had, notwithstanding that one is the incumbent!  For years, Dan tenaciously examined, researched, interviewed, investigated county documents, employees, elected officials, state and county law etc. etc.  When the county won their appeal of Dan’s initial win, Dan kicked it up a level and, ultimately,  he prevailed.  It took five long years.  Or was it seven?  Whichever it was, it was unconscionable.

Dan Driscoll, Oysterville Oysterman

It’s not everyone who has the fortitude to take on “the system” or the tenacity to stick to his position no matter the financial or emotional cost.  That Dan did so is, in my opinion, a great example of his character and his ability to stand firm for what he believes is right.

Furthermore, his experience gave him a clear look at the underbelly of Pacific County government — how it works and how it doesn’t and, most important, what an ordinary resident and citizen could be up against in seeking justice here.

Which brings me to what Dan said last evening when I spoke with him briefly on the phone.  His campaign slogan (maybe he didn’t call it exactly that) is “fair and just treatment under the law.”  I can’t think of anyone better qualified to run on that principal.  Way to go Dan!


  1. Russ

    So glad to hear this new’s. Dan has our vote for sure, he has the qualifications to
    good things for this county.

  2. Kathy Moore

    I worked for Dan during his fight with the county. I have never witnessed anyone with more tenacity. He knew he was right and fought the good fight all the way to his victory. I cannot think of a better person for County Commissioner. He has deep roots in this community, he is a successful business man and he has a huge heart. He definitely has my vote!


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