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Oct 17, 2018 | 1 comment

Our friend Pete came by yesterday.  Brought us some fresh oysters (which we had for dinner last night – fabulous!) and stayed for a while to visit.  We always learn stuff from Pete.  Yesterday it was a new “old folks’ joke.”

Scene is “The Home.”  To be read with appropriate quavery old folks’ voices:
George comes up to Mabel and says, “Betcha can’t guess how old I am.”
“Betcha I can,” is her response.  “Drop your pants.”
A hesitation but, then, with a wotthehell expression, George complies.  Mabel looks him over.
“Now turn around,” she commands.  He does.”Now, turn around in a circle three times.”  He does.
“So,” he says, “how old am I?”
“Eighty-seven,” she says.
He is astonished. “How did you know that?”
“You told me yesterday!”

I thought about that joke last night when I sent out invitations to our next House Concert.  Three times.  First, I confused the date.  Next, I left off the time.  Finally, I think I got it right.  And I didn’t even have to drop my britches!

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  1. Cheryl Kocher

    Hi, Sydney! Thanks for the great joke. The gals in our neighborhood went out to lunch today to celebrate a neighbor’s 91st birthday. We all had a good laugh when I shared your joke! We could all relate! However, no one had to drop their pants & turn around!
    Hope you are enjoying this great weather!



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