The Beatles got it bassackwards!

May 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Charlie, 2011

My son Charlie is 64 today!!  And, absolutely, Sir James, I still love him — unequivocably and forever.   Speaking of which, I’m thinking that it’s been about forever since we spent his birthday together.  Maybe even since he went off to college in 1974!  Our tradition is The Birthday Telephone Call — but this year that doesn’t seem adequate, even though this year it’s necessary for multiple reasons.

So, this year it’s going to be a zoom call — tomorrow not today.  Sunday evenings are the time that Marta, Charlie and I have a “conference call” each week.  We’ve done that for about a year and, though we have talked about zoom, I’ve been the laggard in that area.   Yesterday, I found that my reluctance was apparently based in gut-level reality.

On Thursday, Nyel and I, along with dozens of other relatives, participated in a Birthday Bash for my cousin Mike Williams.  After a bit of difficulty (the computer kept notifying us that our internet capacity was inadequate so we moved into another area of the house) everything seemed to go smoothly.  It wasn’t until Mike’s daughter Melinda sent us a video copy of the “Bash” that I wished I could push some sort of reset for a re-do!


There was a woman — we’ll call her “The Eyelid Woman” — posing as me,  She was sitting cozily next to my husband Nyel (who looked like his usual, handsome self) and she never opened her eyes.  Really!  They fluttered once in a while (even worse!) but never did she make eye contact with the screen.  And she appeared to have gigantic eyelids.  The entire thing was grotesque.

So the question is, Charlie, will you still love me now that you are 64?  I surely hope that you and Marta can give me some pointers — or do I look like that all the time.  OMG!




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