The Bad Patch Continues… with good friends to brighten the way!

Aug 1, 2023 | 1 comment

Ray and Nyel and Sydney

So, after being an entire week with no kitchen sink — well the sink was there but the faucets and spigots were inoperable — yesterday the plumber came with a spiffy new unit and installed it. “Voi” — but no la!”  Water, but not much pressure.  As I understand it… old, corroded pipes are most of the problem.

Today, the insulation team came to repair last winter’s damage under the house caused by a… drumroll!… broken water pipe.  They were fast, efficient, and neat.  But… just as they were finishing up, they asked me how to turn off the water main.  I told them I was on my own well and the best I could do was to unplug the motor.  Which I did immediately.

Ray and His Wood Glue

Apparently, they had uncovered a 3/4 inch galvanized pipe about three feet long under about four inches of sand.  “It was totally corroded and I just touched it and it split right along the pipe for about three feet and was leaking like mad,” said one of the workers.

He was so distressed, I found myself reassuring him over and over that it would be all right. I immediately called the plumber whose scheduler informed me that it would be next Monday before they could fit me in..  Oh boy.   Maybe not so all right. No flushing.  No showers.  No dishwashing.  No icemaker.

Well… not really.  I do have a water supply in  large bottles.  I’ll be able to take care of essentials…

And then Carol and Ray Hansen dropped by!  It was SO great to see them and their beautiful dog, Sage!  Ray helped me hang Nyel’s picture — a gift from Maggie — and then worried about the rocking chair I was sitting in.  “It’s going to fall apart!”

Rocking Chair and Stool Repaired and Drying

So, he brought out his bottle of glue  — how many other guys carry wood glue in their car? — and fixed not only the rocking chair but also the kitchen stool! What a guy!  (And in case you didn’t know, it is Ray who papered every single wall in this house twenty years ago — and every one still perfect!  What a guy!

Carol, bless her, was hobbling on an almost healed broken tibia that she fell on the other night  — not a re-break but a sprain with an ankle and lower leg twice the size of her other (good) leg.  Not a whimper!  Totally stoic — though she did give Ray a few “suggestions” about the picture-hanging and the gluing!  What a gal!  And what role models they both are!  If our situations were reversed, they probably wouldn’t be whining about my current water problem!  I’ll try to do better!


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  1. Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz,

    Like our Beloved Steinbeck said, about the gang in Monterey after breaking up the bar and most of the town, “You Can Only Have So Much Fun!” And BOY, DID WE!!! Thank you beyond all measure for your gracious hospitality, giggling, and the total joy of Oysterville Cousinship! So glad you are about to have a fully functioning water system! It was admittedly tricky trying to cook and clean up during out visit, but that was nothing after hearing about the 3-foot dissolving pipe. My brother, Bruce B. Jones and myself have been filled with vacation happiness thanks to YOUSE! Love forever, KK


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