Thanks a lot, Dad!

Apr 27, 2010 | 0 comments

‘The Honorable Jean Marie de Montague’ Rhododendrons

     My father, William W. Little (1909-1991), spent his last twenty years here in Oysterville.  He did a great deal for our little community – so much so that he was affectionately called “The Mayor of Oysterville” by his friends and neighbors.  My mother, a third generation Oysterville Espy, often said he was more Espy than she was!  I think that was meant as a compliment, but I don’t know how dad felt about it!
     When he wasn’t doing good works for the village, dad was tending his garden.  It was his passion.  In later years he hired someone almost full-time to help him out.  By the time Nyel and I “inherited” this object of his years of devotion, the garden was a show-place but was definitely labor intensive.  The rhododendrons he had planted – 199 of them by my count! — had grown massive, obliterating any sight of the church to the west and threatening to shut off our view of the bay to the east.  He had chosen well, though; we have “rhodies” in bloom almost every month of the year.  But managing them is a full-time occupation!
      Right now the Jean Maries along the east fence are approaching the height of their glory.  They were dad’s favorites, partly I think because they were usually in full bloom for his birthday on the twelfth of May.  Last year, which would have been his 100th, they were the most beautiful I had ever seen them.  This year, like everything else, they are two weeks early. But whenever it is that they begin to burst forth, they bring fond thoughts of dad — in spite of this garden legacy thing!


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