Talk, Laugh, Eat… and then do it some more!

May 20, 2021 | 0 comments

Sydney and Dick at the Bistro

Our friend, Tricky, whose name is really Dick (and if you were in California in the 1950s you can probably fill in the backstory), came visiting from Bainbridge Island for a few days.  It was such a treat to see him!  The last time he was here was for the Milton Williams and Barbara Bate House Concert on February 9, 2020.

Nyel at the Bistro

It seems to me that we spent our time during his stay primarily on three activities — talking, laughing, and eating.  We had, of course, talked on the telephone  several times a month during the pandemic but even so… there’s nothing like seeing a wry expression or a look of disgust or the twinkle in the eyes of someone pulling your leg.  Phone calls just don’t cut it and (with apologies to the zoomers among us) neither do zoom visits.  Up-close-and-personal is the only way a “visit” makes complete sense, especially when you have a choice.

As for the eating part!  OMG!  “The Tricks” (Tricky’s nickname which, when you think about it, is a nickname for a nickname…) was here for a total of five meals.  Chef Nyel prepared the first three — spare ribs for dinner Tuesday, scrambled eggs (store bought, sad to say) with all the trimmings for breakfast Wednesday, and African Peanut Soup for lunch that same day.  To the Bistro in Astoria for dinner last night and a send-off breakfast this morning at the 42nd Street Cafe.  I can hardly waddle.

Noel and Patty at the Bistro



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