Talent Under The Proverbial Bushel

Jul 26, 2011 | 2 comments

Our House by Jean Stamper, 2011

     I am always impressed at the “hidden” talents of people I’ve known for years.  Obviously, I haven’t really known them – certainly not in a well-rounded way.
     That happens often here on the peninsula where we all know, literally, hundreds of people.  We might ‘know’ someone as the clerk at Jack’s or as the library lady or as an ex-student’s dad or as the minister of an Ocean Park Church.  Over the years, our knowledge base increases – we meet a husband or a mom or find out that a friend from Chinook once owned so-and-so’s house.  It’s one of the delights of living in a small community.
     In Oysterville, with its even more limited population, we sometimes know one another more fully.  But, still, I find that some people definitely hide their light under that Biblical bushel.
     Take Jean Stamper, for instance.  Jean was a summer kid in Oysterville just like I was.  Our years didn’t coordinate, though.  I think she is enough younger than I that, by the time she was coming here, I was off to college and working summers and only getting here for a week or two.  Probably the wrong weeks to get to know Jean.
     So, when she and her husband retired ten years or so ago and began coming on a regular basis to the family cabin here – that was when we began to really get acquainted.  A few months back I would have described Jean as a pleasant “comfortable” neighbor who is a great cook and is so generous in that arena that she invariably brings three or four dishes to a village potluck, not just one.
     And then, we ‘discovered’ that she paints!   One day she quietly showed us a few greeting cards she had done of the houses in Oysterville.  They are wonderful!  Not only are the watercolor renditions of the structures absolutely grand, but the production of the cards, themselves, is professional to the max.  Within days, it seemed, they were being sold at the Oysterville Store and Oysterville Sea Farms and Sweet Williams and who-knows-where-all-else.
     And Oysterville structures are not her only subject by any means – probably not even her favorite.  Beautiful flowers!  Whimsical frogs!  Her range is far-reaching and, of course, her talent is far from ‘new-found.’  She was an art major in college, has painted on and off for years, but now that she is retired she can devote more time to it.  Finally, she is out from under that bushel and the rest of us are the lucky benefactors!  You go girl!


  1. April

    Oysterville is certainly a hamlet of creative people!

  2. Ann

    I have bought several of Jean’s card when visiting the Peninsula. Very nice indeed! I have a painting of an “Oysterville fence” done by a woman who visited the area years ago.


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