Taking That First Scary Step

May 23, 2014 | 0 comments

Sydney's Back Forty

Sydney’s Back Forty

I don’t let many people look into my office. In fact, I hesitate to dignify it by such a purposeful, yet limited, sounding name. It is where I do those business related chores – pay bills, write up minutes or do correspondence for organizations I belong to, schedule appointments by telephone or email, also for the aforementioned organizations. In those respects, “office” is probably descriptive.

But, more importantly, this little six-by-fifteen foot space is where I write. Its floor-to-ceiling shelves are stuffed to overflowing with reference books and file folders, boxes of photographs and family correspondence, scrapbooks and photo albums. In its cupboards and file cabinets are copies of family diaries and genealogies, old ledgers and newspaper clippings. They are the basis for much of my research and hardly a day goes by that I don’t utilize some part that treasure-trove.

If that was as far as it went, life would be great. But, have I mentioned the piles of “stuff” EVERYwhere – on the desktop, on the file cabinets, on the copy machine, and, treacherously, on the floor. The greater the number of current writing projects I have going on, the more mounds of paper there are. As long as I keep the piles discreet – that is, sorted by project – my life is workable. But…

Out with the Old

Out with the Old

For a while now (conservatively speaking, for a year) those stacks of important papers have been growing in number and in size. Quite some time ago (when I discovered the bill for our property taxes three months after the payment deadline) I realized things were out of control. Again. I pick away at it. But…

When my copy machine finally bellied up – it’s twenty years old, huge, heavy and its replacement parts are expensive – my sainted husband (who enters this realm of mine only under duress) suggested I get a new one.   I went online to check out the possibilities and I was not really surprised to find a whole new world of office equipment out there, all of it smaller, more versatile, and less expensive that I had imagined.

In with the New

In with the New

So, yesterday we traded out my printer, my scanner, and that old clunky copy machine for a spiffy new three-in-one unit. Plus, Nyel got me a new, cordless telephone because he hated it when he had to use the old one with its aged curly cords! Best of all, he spent several hours connecting and installing all this new stuff.

As an extra bonus, I ended up with more space in my little back forty. More flat surfaces! And, by some miracle, I’m feeling encouraged to sort and re-file and generally get rid of the rest of the clutter. Yesterday might have been the first small step toward an organized future! Whoo Hoo!


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