Taking a Deep Breath

Dec 1, 2013 | 1 comment


Jimella Lucas

The call came about eight o’clock yesterday morning.  Jimella had died peacefully just before first light.

It turned out to be one of those soft gray, misty-moisty days – the kind of day when you can’t get started on anything; you feel like you’re going around in circles.  And, whenever we did actually get somewhere – the post-office, the Oysterville Store, Adelaide’s – the quiet question on everyone’s lips was the same:  “Have you heard?”

Brooke Flood

Brooke Flood

I had the (perhaps irreverent) thought that the other twelve friends that we’ve lost in recent months – yes, twelve! – were gathered together for a celebratory meal and were just waiting for Jimella to get things started.  In my mind she was wearing her whites and chef’s hat and had somehow arrived with saucepans and about a bushel of fresh garlic.  Bon appétit! rang through my head all day long.


Rachel Holmes Lee

We treated ourselves to a mid-afternoon coffee at Adelaide’s, hoping that we would give us a jump-start out of our lethargy.  The coffee didn’t help much, although it was delicious as always.  But seeing a couple of former students – Rachel Holmes (Lee) and Brooke Flood – all grown up and beautiful, provided warmth and brightness to an otherwise lackluster day.

As we headed home through the drizzle, I took a deep breath.  Sometimes, it’s all you can do…

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  1. Caroline Miller

    We who are fortunate enough to live another day carry with us two perspectives on life. The good that has been and the good to come. Sorry about your loss. Happy for the young faces ready to smile at you.


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