Sun! Sun! Sun!

May 4, 2017 | 1 comment

Blue Sky and Apple Blossoms

It didn’t make it to seventy as predicted yesterday – not on our porch, anyway.  Only to sixty-seven but I’m surely not complaining!  It was glorious!  And we accomplished more in the garden than we did in all the April days put together!

Nyel spent the afternoon replanting our hanging baskets and our pots of geraniums.  Our porch seems transformed – almost back to its cheerful summer self.  While he was doing the eye-catching stuff, I was filling the cart (twice!) with bindweed and buttercups and salmon berry brambles!  Not nearly so glamorous, but I feel very much accomplished all the same!

It was one of those days when neighbors were out for leisurely walks and more than one tourist leaned over the fence to have a chat.  One couple said that in all the years they’d been coming to Oysterville, they had never seen so much as one ‘for sale’ sign and now there are two!  Of course, they wanted to know the asking prices and, of course, I didn’t have a clue…  Later, I looked both properties up so I’ll be better informed next time.

Late Afternoon, Long Shadows

The girls called to me from their run, wanting to come help me, no doubt.  However, I was planting nasturtium seeds as I worked – clear a patch, then poke and plant – and I had visions of those chickens eating their way along behind me.  Sorry, ladies!   Free ranging is on hold for a little while, now.

In the lane, six mourning doves foraged for something interesting enough that they didn’t move until I was within a foot or so of them.  Me and my laden cart.  Our burn pile is very nearly out of control and I’m hoping Farmer Nyel feels well enough to deal with it before too long.  On the other hand, it’s one of those chores best done on a drizzly day and I’m certainly not advocating for another one of those in a hurry.  I think we’ve had our share!

Glorious, glorious sun!  We worked until the shadows grew long, knowing full well that the morrow would bring the aches and pains of accomplishment.  Never mind!  It was a day for counting our blessings!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Thank you for transporting me to Oysterville for a bit! Have another lovely day today!


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