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Mystery Book Club Founders: Gordon, Kay, Sydney, Carol – 2009

On March 30, 2010 I wrote in my Blog that I had joined a new Mystery Book Club — though that in itself is a bit of a mystery. In another blog I have a picture of the “Mystery Book Club Founders” which is dated 2009. It was a small group — just Gordon Schoewe, Kay Buesing,  Carol Nordquist, and myself. Soon, though we were joined by Sue Grennan and Leigh Wilson and, later, more folks still.

I think my attendance began to get spotty after four or five years. I don’t even remember much about the books that we read — except that Gordon suggested The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne.  Despite Milne being the creator of Winnie-the-Pooh — one of my all time favorite books — his Red House Mystery was really dreadful.  (I can’t remember if Gordon ever conceded that the rest of us were right about that!)

That didn’t stop us, though, but truth-to-tell we had more fun giving one another a hard time and poking fun at some of the books than we did in serious discussion.  (Or maybe that was just me.)  I don’t remember if some of us were already Louise Penny fans or if we happened upon her later.  What I do know is that a group of us — Bill and Sue Grennan, Kitt Fleming, Nyel and I went on a sort of Louise Penny pilgrimage to the Eastern Townships in Canada.  We visited a number of places which, according to information sent to Bill by her Assistant, were inspirational in creating her imaginary village of Three Pines.

Sydney at “Three Pines” – 2016

That trip was in 2016 and we loved it all.  We talk about going back and visiting the places we might have missed but I seriously doubt that we will.  It was one of those adventures that you could never duplicate and, if you tried, you’d no doubt be disappointed.  Kitt, Sue, Bill and I are still big Louise Penny (and Armand Gamache) fans.   And, of course, we still talk books when we get together.

I wonder if anyone in the Pacific County History Forum would be interested in forming a Local History Book Club?   I can see great possibilities for outings and walking tours and museum visits…  And so many books to choose from, fiction as well as non-fiction!  Hmmm. Food for thought…


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