Spring Treat

Mar 26, 2011 | 2 comments

Worker Bees in Oysterville

     There are differences between acting your age, feeling your age, and conceding to age.  Or, at least, so I tell myself.  I’m not sure the distinctions apply to the young, but when you’ve reached three-quarters of a century there are definitely some finer points to be considered, all having to do with attitude.
     I do believe our garden is a perfect example.  During the winter, Nyel and I had several pleasant conversations about what needed doing come spring. For a number of years we have divided the labor.  He takes care of the lawns and pruning and puts in a vegetable garden; I deal with the flower beds, the weeding, and the slugs and other pests.  Our garden is large – about an acre – and, in our minds we can still do it all and still have plenty of time for all the other things we need and want to accomplish.  Never mind that in recent years we’ve had trouble keeping up.
     In fact, last year during Nyel’s recovery from knee surgery, he had to (reluctantly) depend upon the kindness of neighbors to do the lawn.  Finally, when he was able, he succumbed to the need for a rider mower.  He has even conceded that it does as good a job as his old walk-behind model.
     Meanwhile, I did what I could with the flower beds but found that I was falling further and further behind.  Too frequently I ran out of time, out of strength, out of energy.  And the garden never was up to snuff, at least not according to the standard we wanted.
     This year, as a concession to my venerable age, I’ve hired help. What a concept!  All week long, Fred and Aliesha have been laboring in our south garden and I have watched the transformation from weedy jungle to tidy borders with delight.  During their labors they have tamed the roses on our fence, have freed plants from the clutches of crabgrass, have dug and pulled and trimmed.  They have hauled away wheelbarrow loads of debris.  They have even discovered a lovely plant or two cowering in the undergrowth.
     As I go about my duties inside, I glimpse out the window now and then and marvel at their progress.  And so far, I’ve not even sustained an injury while patting myself on the back for such a fine decision.  What a marvelous spring treat this is!


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Good for you guys to taking care of your bodies and spirits! Happy Spring, Sydney. I can’t wait to see your yard.


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