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Oct 5, 2019 | 1 comment

Ghost Stories of the Long Beach Penisula

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a greater interest in ghosts in the last few years?  Or maybe I’m more aware of the ghost subject since the publication of my Ghosts of the Long Beach Peninsula in 2014.

Granted, it’s October — always a month that brings ghosts more clearly into focus, so to speak.  Years ago, when trick-or-treating meant improvising a costume and going door-to-door on your block (and maybe clear across the street), the fall-back position on “what to be” required only an old sheet and a pair of scissors.  A no-brainer.  There were always one or two unidentified figures in white in every group of kids who were out ringing doorbells.  You could usually tell who they were by their shoes.  (And their voices unless they were good at disguising them.)

These days, though, there seems to be increased interest among adults in the whole ghost phenomena.  The internet is full of “haunted places” to visit, announcements of cemetery tours, and lists of “little known” destinations for the ghost-curious among us.

Signing “Ghost Stories of the Long Beach Peninsula”

In fact, each year since Ghost Stories came out, I’ve been asked to participate in some sort of ghost-related event.  Usually it’s related to the book, but not necessarily.  One year I did a book-signing at Cost-Co.  Another time or two I participated in a ghostly gathering at the Shelburne Inn,  This year, — next Saturday, October 12th at 11 a.m. to be exact — I will be giving a talk at the Senior Center in Klipsan Beach.  The general subject is, of course, ghosts, but the specifics are up to me.

I’m toying with the idea of talking a little about the sequel I’m working on… Perhaps even soliciting stories from the audience.  These days it seems that everyone has had an “experience” they’d like to tell about.  And I am always a willing listener.

Hope to see you there.  And, I’ll be selling and signing books if you are interested.

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