So… let’s talk about that “other place.”

Jan 20, 2024 | 1 comment


Long ago, someone introduced me to the concept of  “Your Other Place” — not home, not work, but your other place that offers comfort, friendship, and a feeling of familiarity and security.  I suppose for some people it might be a tavern or a bar — a place to stop to have a drink between work and home — to meet with friends and shed the cares of the day,

Not being a drinker (or even very comfortable in a bar), that concept was new to me.  My daily life involved school (my workplace) and home (my family) and various gatherings of friends or outings to events of one kind or another for recreation. I couldn’t really imagine what having an “Other Place” might be like.  I liked the idea of it, but I just didn’t see how it applied to me.

But now that I’m retired, I’ve finally figured it out!  My Other Place is Colleen’s otherwise known as Colleen’s Coffee House and Tapestry Rose Yarn Shop!  It probably has been my Other Place for quite a long time — I just didn’t know it.  Colleen began the Full Circle Café about the same time I moved here full time — in 1978 or 79,  But it took until I retired for me to go there enough to consider it my Other Place.  And, for me, Colleen’s is not quite like the Other Place that was first described to me.

My Other Place!

No.  Colleen’s is not a place I usually go alone.  It’s more of a place to with a friend for a break in the normal routine of things,  Or a place to meet someone for a cup of coffee and maybe a snack and sit and schmooze for as long as the mood strikes… a place to meet a friend for a “catch-up” visit… a place where I invariably run into someone I haven’t seen for a time and can spend a few minutes exchanging our latest news.  And, it’s where my friend Colleen greets me by name, introduces me to someone she’d like me to know or asks if I’d autograph one of my books that she has just sold to “that lady in pink over there.”

But, anyway you slice it, Colleen’s is, indeed, my Other Place.  And I’m so happy that it’s the Other Place for so many people I know!  Thank you, Colleen, for making it the perfect place to spend quality time with quality folks and a great cup of coffee.  (Actually, make that a 12 ounce decaf mocha, extra hot, no whipped cream!)


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  1. Bruce jones

    That’s funny, I get about the same thing at our local coffee shop, the WhiteCap in Anchor Bay CA: 3 shot decaf mocha with oat milk, no whipped cream. I don’t know anyone else who gets that.


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