Sitting Up and Taking Nourishment

May 4, 2019 | 0 comments


In the “olden” days, before telemetry monitors and pulse oximeters and other space-age advances, we judged a patient’s progress by more mundane measures.  I remember my grandmother’s cool hand on my forehead as she checked me for fever after a bout with measles or chicken pox or some other childhood ailment.  Were she here today, she would report that Nyel “is sitting up and taking nourishment.”  Translation: he’s taken a turn for the better!  Yay!

Pillow Talk?

Not only is he eating everything on his tray, but a few hours ago he ordered a snack because he “felt a little peckish.”  By the time I arrived this morning at 6:30, he had eaten a hard boiled egg, a fruit cup, cottage cheese and half a muffin.  Just now, scarcely two hours later, he is eating breakfast — with gusto!  He has polished off a Denver omelette, another fruit cup and is working on a container of Greek yoghurt (blueberry.)  Oh.  And a cup of English breakfast tea.

Nyel has had no appetite for over a month.  We think it was a combination of things that caused such an unusual shut down, but it was probably the massive MSSA infection coursing through his system that was mostly responsible.  He kept telling our primary care giver and the home health nurses and therapists that he knew he was really sick because he ALWAYS has a big appetite.  For almost two months,  he simply couldn’t stand the thought of food.  Mostly, he ate breakfast.  Period.  Everyone listened to his complaints and maybe actually “heard” him, but it never occurred to any of us — not even to Nyel — just how sick he really was.

Bottom Line:  his appetite has returned so he must be on the mend!


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