Shoulda Coulda Woulda!

Jul 10, 2020 | 0 comments

Rose City Mixed Quartet, 2018

If only I’d thought about it at the time, I’d have taken a picture of us with the Rose City Mixed Quartet yesterday when we visited them via Zoom.  But I can report that they all look and sound great right down to Mark’s collar-curls that were only visible when he turned his head to show us.  Definitely “a look.” Oh… and he also had a large stuffed bear companion who joined us now and then without explanation.  When we asked, we were told his name is… “Teddy.”

Rose City Mixed Quartet, 2017

Helen reported that she’s been reading a lot and seeing old movies.  She has discovered a new mystery author she likes but, of course, neither Nyel nor I can remember his name.  Weigh in, Helen!  But mostly she bragged about her jazz-musician husband, Kevin Dietz, who has been composing a song-a-week in lieu of his usual gigs and teaching jobs. (Helen, please tell us again how to find him on YouTube!)

Rose City Mixed Quartet, 2013

Cameron has made 300 masks which ultimately killed her old sewing machine and resulted in a brand new one.  She also organized a huge virtual and drive-by birthday party for a 90-year-old conductor friend.  And is rejoicing in the FEMA work-from-home status of husband Bill.

Dale looked great and sounded great but it wasn’t until we were well into the conversation that he revealed that he had a serious argument with his power mower and the mower won.  The result: perhaps permanent damage to the tendons in both shoulders.  YIKES!  Although Nyel’s tendon problems are leg-related, the two compared notes.  Neither are complainers so the discussion was pretty matter-of-fact.

Rose City Mixed Quartet, 2010

As for our part — mostly lamenting lack of Vespers and House Concert opportunities to host them for a long-overdo visit!  Or just a visit for no other reason than to continue the threads of yesterday’s conversations.  Stay tuned, as they say!



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