Should I or shouldn’t I, Mrs. Crouch?

Aug 25, 2021 | 1 comment

From Jim Harold’s “New Paranormal Plus Club” Site

First thing this morning (at 5:38 a.m.), I received an email from the associate producer at Jim Harold Media.  She says she has been sent my way “by listener request” and writes, “Jim would be delighted to have the opportunity to interview you concerning your two Ghost Stories books.”

Oh my.  There’s nothing that makes me feel quite so old and inept as reading a few paragraphs that involve words like “podcasts” and “downloads” (50 million of them!) and “best-selling authors and TV personalities” that I’ve never heard of.  Plus, of course, there’s my knee-jerk reaction to words like “paranormal” and “investigators.”

As I’ve said from the get-go, I’m interested in the history of our area — especially the wonderful stories of our forebears.  I’m all about putting “the story back in history” and, if it happens to be a ghost story, that’s fine with me.  But… do I believe in ghosts?  My jury is out.  And never mind that Mrs. Crouch and I have a long-term relationship of experiences and exasperations.  I’ve never met her or heard her speak so, although I give her a lot of credit for the goings-on around this house, I am not 100% sure that she’s the cause.

Oysterville Church, 1902

What I am sure of is that Sarah Tedder Crouch was the wife of the first minister to serve at the Oysterville Baptist Church from 1892 to 1893.  I am sure that she drowned in the Willapa River under circumstances questionable enough that a warrant was out (but never served) for the arrest of her husband, Reverend Josiah Crouch.  And I’m sure of a lot more, besides.  That’s the history part and it can be documented.  The rest… I’m not so sure.

So, I can’t help but wonder what Mrs. C. would say about my response to the Jim Harold Media’s associate producer.  Would an interview just encourage the looky-loos and the teams of investigators with their “scientific” equipment?  Or would it encourage book sales and. ultimately, a greater interest in the history of this area?  Should I or shouldn’t I say “yes,” Mrs. Crouch?

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  1. Bill Grennan

    Oh go ahead. It’ll be fun. Sara would love it and, who knows, maybe she’ll even perform for the interviewer


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