She’s one high maintenance chick!

Mar 8, 2020 | 0 comments

In the beginning…

Snowhite has required extra attention since she was all fluff and no feathers!  First, she annoyed one of her fellow-hatchlings when they were just days old and he pecked at her head until she was bald, bloody, and was exposing her skull.  We immediately put her in isolation, Farmer Nyel became Doctor Nyel and his TLC included medicine (I think it was neosporin) and a little hard hat to protect her from additional head trauma.

Whether or not she sustained brain injury at that early age, we aren’t sure.  But, one way or another, she’s always been different,  For one thing, she’s a loner — and who wouldn’t be under the circumstances?  And she was the only one in the flock who lost almost all her feathers due to an infestation of mites.  (Dr. Nyel to the rescue again — plus help from our friend Fred and yours truly.  Definitely a high maintenance kinda gal.)


It’s also Snowhite who makes demands about water and food.  She lets me know in no uncertain terms if the water trough needs refilling or if she thinks the pellets in the food trough are getting low.  She, too, is the one who requires extra  oyster shell calcium so her eggs will not be too fragile to handle without breaking.

As if all that weren’t enough, last night she decided to play hide and seek right at bedtime.  It was not quite dark when I went out to close up the coop.  Everyone was on the roost and well settled for the night — everyone, that is, except Snowhite.  She was nowhere to be found — not in the coop, under the coop, in the run or lurking nearby.  My inclination was to call “Olly Olly Oxen Free!” but I wasn’t sure she knew the rules of the game..

Snowhite and Slutvana – Temporary Togetherness

I left the gate to the run open and returned to the house calling “Here chick chick chick!” as I went.  Not loud enough that the others would waken and come outside.  Then I’d really have a circus on my hands!  I gave it twenty minutes — long enough that only the almost full-moon lit my way back to the coop.  When I shone my flashlight onto the roost… there she was, the minx!  On the roost, but facing backwards so all I could see was her fluffy, feathery butt.  I’m sure it was a statement of some kind…  silly, snarky Snowhite!


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