She’s not telling… but, no one’s really asking.

Jul 20, 2020 | 4 comments

IdaMae is one of those large, lethargic ladies who seem to react slowly to the world around them.  Yet she moves at a regal and purposeful pace.  There is never a doubt that she is doing exactly what she wants to.  I don’t question her motives and neither do any of her coop mates.

So, last evening when she wasn’t on her roost for bed-check, I felt sure that she was on a mission of her own.  I didn’t even have enough concern to report her absence from kiss-and-lie-down-time to Farmer Nyel (which might actually make me an enabler!) I felt sure she’d turn up in the morning… and she did.

There she was, standing three or four feet away from the gate, not looking anxious or guilty or even smug.  She seemed totally self-contained.  I offered her some scratch before letting the others out and she approached it slowly… as if it was her due and, by the way, “I’m not really very hungry.”  No excitement on her part.  And certainly no “thank you.”  Not like the rest.

The other three were impatient and, though I gave them their own scratch to share, I fully expected them to muscle in on IdaMae’s treats, too.  But, no… they left a respectful distance between themselves and the “queen.”  Or, perhaps it wasn’t  respectful at all.  And maybe they have an even different view of her.  Do they know what she was up to last night and are they shunning her for her behavior?  It’s hard to tell with chickens — even when it comes down to a question of naughty or nice.


  1. Gale

    Interested in the breeds of chickens you have. The Queen is obviously a Rhode Island Red. I am not able to remember the others I’ve seen (old age). But by the way have you ever tried Wyndottes (sic). ? They even have purple ones now !!!. If you ever want someone to hatch eggs or raise little ones. I am so game. Miss my chickens terribly and in Ilwaco I can’t afford the license and besides, the raccoons, the bears….. would have to be an inside operation like my top of the dryer chicken nursery. Did you know that chicks like to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. While being “tamed” They do Oh yea I think I saw you had a Rhode Island Rock, I think.

    • sydney

      Actually, IdaMae (“The Queen”) is a Barred Rock. Little Red Hen is a Rhode Island Red. We also have a Russian Orloff right now. We have have many other varieties over the years including Wyandottes and Leghorns.
      You have to have a license in Ilwaco? That seems tight.
      I’ll talk to my husband about your hatching offer. That might be a great arrangement. We can’t really deal with chicks just now but we are set up well for pullets. No roosters, though! Way too difficult!

  2. Nancy Holden

    Really like Ida Mae. Hope she doesn’t wander off and get her self in trouble !

    • sydney

      Me too! I’ve tried to counsel her about the ways of the big wide world, but you know how these queenly types are!


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