Sartorial Splendor and Quality Control

Jun 9, 2020 | 7 comments

Summer Wardrobe

I swear to you, half or more of my sheltering time has been spent trying to get a new pair of blue jeans.  So far, I’ve had no luck at all.  I blame it on sloppy quality control with a tad of over-zealous marketing thrown in.  Plus, I’m convinced that as Americans have chunked up, manufacturers have changed their sizing so we’ll all feel better about ourselves.  For those of us who haven’t chunked with the times, it’s not working.

For 20 years or maybe more, I’ve bought the same brand of jeans.  I don’t mind telling what brand they are — NYDJ.  “Not Your Daughters Jeans” which, they promise, will fit and enhance the “mature” figure.  Hmmm.

Not Measuring Up!

When I bought my first pair — size 6P, one size smaller than usual as advised — I was five-feet-two and weighed 120 pounds, give or take 5.  Now, I am five-feet-one-ish, still weigh 120-ish and am, perhaps a little thicker through the thorax than previously.  Twenty years can do that to a girl.

Add to that information that I have two (count ’em 2) wardrobes — summer and winter.  In summer, I wear blue jeans and a sweatshirt with, maybe, a tee shirt beneath it.  In winter, I wear blue jeans, a sweatshirt over a tee shirt, Nyel’s old down vest, and a rain hat.  When I “dress up,” no matter the season, I usually wear black NYDJ jeans and a black sweater and, if I remember, a colorful scarf.  Neat and tidy is my goal, not fashion plate.

Winterized Sydney

So, when I ordered a new pair of jeans, same size as usual, my expectations were also as usual.  The pants came and they seemed a bit loose around the middle.  Washing in hot water should take care of it I thought.  It didn’t.  So, I hung that pair in the closet and ordered a pair of size 4P.  For some Covid-19 related reason, there was a long delay.

Last night the package finally arrived (bless Fed Ex).  I’m here to tell you that 4P fit me perfectly!  Except that my legs seem to be three inches too short.  Despite my last experience, this new pair is in the washing machine.  If they are still too long, I’ll send them back — none of this hiding them in the closet until they change their mind.  Daughter-schmaughter!  Could we just have a little quality control?



  1. Bonnie Gilmore

    You are adorable – regardless of the length. And you can roll them up and then they’re called boyfriend style – cannot only imagine who comes up with these terms. NYDJ are hands down the best – pricy but you can’t beat the quality and fit. Hoping they come out of the laundry just perfect for you!

    • sydney

      Hi Bonnie! Thanks for weighing in. I DID consider the “Boyfriend Style” but, even after three-quarters of a century, it’s way too reminiscent of ALL my blue jeans from childhood until “they” came up with Petites in the 60s. Every pair of trousers I owned was rolled up — not a style, a necessity! I know I’m stubborn, but I just feel like “been there, done that!”
      Having said that, though, it may be the only answer. I might add that Nyel is NOT sympathetic because of his one leg three-plus-inches shorter than the other. We had quite the discussion that went along the lines of Diddle Diddle Dumpling My Son John…
      Love, Sydney

  2. Jane

    This post is so funny to me, because just this morning I ordered 8 (yes 8) pairs of jeans from Nordstrom. A couple of NYDJ are in the mix. I expect to keep only one (although there are a couple of sale pair that mighty be kept if they fit). I have been 5’3.5″ since college…now I am 5’4″. The doctor has not explanation. I have dropped a size in almost everything, but spend most of the day in jeans. I am curious to see what Nordstrom has for me.

    • sydney

      Jane, I wish you the best of luck! I’ll be curious how many you keep of the eight pair. Statistically, if what I read some years ago is still true, you’ll only keep 1/2 a pair. lol

  3. Dian

    Sydney, I’m 5.3 1/2 (used to be 5.4), have been wearing a size 6 for 40+ years. Mind you 40+ years ago I weighed 112 lbs, I’ve put on 10 lbs since then and still wear a size 6 but not the size 6 pants that I pulled from my last closet purge. You know, those lovely Nordstrom’s tailored wool-gaberdine slacks I was saving for dress up. HA! Some lucky size 2 will find them in the thrift store. I totally agree, manufacturers are changing the sizes.

  4. Bruce Jones

    Hard for someone to grasp the process when all he cares about is which 38″x30″ jeans he can get for $12.99 at Costco.

    • sydney

      Would that life were so simple for the rest of us fashion mavens! lol!


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