“Roots Up!” in Oysterville

Jan 1, 2013 | 1 comment

In our neck of the woods, trees can fall right over without much provocation.  So it was on one of the remaining undeveloped lots in midtown Oysterville last week.  A large spruce tree apparently just got tired of it all and decided to take a lie-down.  Next thing you know, it was ‘toes up’ or, more accurately, ‘roots up’ and ready to be limbed and bucked and split for firewood.

Fortunately, it chose an east-to-west trajectory for its fall.  Had it fallen like most trees do, during a storm with a strong westerly wind, it would have laid itself right across the road.  But such was not the case.  We weren’t home the day it happened, but neighbors said that there had been lots of rain the day previously (4.5 inches according to the Chinook Observer), followed by one of those cold (but not very strong) winds from the east.  The combination of rain soaked ground and that easterly breeze caused the tipping point.

Spruce trees are notoriously shallow-rooted.  That was one of our great concerns when we made the decision to have the huge spruce at the southwest corner of our yard taken down a decade ago.  We took a lot of flak for that – even an article in the paper criticizing us for the tree’s removal.  Never mind that it proved to have rot at its core and never mind that it was not an “old growth” tree as the columnist erroneously reported.  (It had been a live Christmas tree, planted by my uncles in 1918 or so.)  Had it fallen over from east to west, it would have taken the church with it.

The present-day downed tree also put me in mind of Lottie Tinker.  Lottie was the late Lolita Morris’s mother.  On the day of her 100th birthday celebration, Lottie said she “felt a little tired” after the festivities were over and went to have a nap.  As it turned out, she never woke up – a neat and tidy way to end a century of life.

I doubt the spruce tree lying in the center of Oysterville was as old as Lottie.  Even so, I commend it for the way it ended up.  Or, actually, down.  Way to go!

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  1. Nancy

    Yeah! Way to go! A fragrant beginning for your 2013 blogs. Sorry the tree fell down, but its life will continue as logs and branches create warmth….


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