Riding to Fame in Maggie’s Soup Ladle

Jan 14, 2014 | 1 comment

About the Book

About Maggie’s Book!

The first I knew of Maggie’s big soup splash in the January 8th Oregonian was when my Astoria friend Pat sent an email that said, “Saw your recipe in the Oregonian–so now you’re a famous cook, too!?”  I really loved the “too” part!

Subsequently, several more friends told me they had seen – even cut out – my recipe for lentil soup, but thus far no one has managed to get a copy to me.  I think Cherry Harding has found hers and it’s in her car waiting for our paths to cross.  Meanwhile, Nyel snagged a copy of the “FOODDAY+LIVING” section of that very paper when he was out and about yesterday and I have a copy of my ‘fame’ in hand.

Once again, I am jumping up and down for joy on behalf of Maggie Stuckey and her newest book, Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around A Pot of Soup. The lead article and a goodly portion of the following five pages of that Oregonian section are devoted to the book and to six of its recipes, including mine!  But, the fabulous part about the entire feature is that “they got it.”

That’s what concerned Maggie way before the book came out.  “It’s far more than a recipe book,” she told me.  “It’s about building communities, one bowl of soup at a time.”  She was hopeful that her broader message would come through to critics and reviewers.  And if the Oregonian coverage is any example, Oh Boy!  Has it Ever!

Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame?

My friend Nan in California also ‘got it.’  She wrote that she when she received the book, she sat right down and read it cover-to-cover and loved it all – the stories and anecdotes about soup groups, as well as the back stories about the recipes and their contributors.  Some of soups she’s made previously in different variations – the African Peanut Soup, for instance – and some, like mine, she’s sampled at someone else’s table.  But what she really loved about the book went far beyond the recipes.

Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again:  Hooray for Maggie!  Hooray for Soup!  Hooray for Communities and the soups that bind them – but especially if it involves a Soup Night!

Oh…and about me and the ‘famous.’  Not!

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  1. Linda J

    I love Maggie’s cookbook and plan to try every recipe. I’m so glad it’s been such a success for her.


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