Revisiting the Eastern Townships

Oct 23, 2016 | 1 comment

And on it goes...

And on it goes…

I somewhat jokingly refer to my penchant for scrapbooking as ‘a sickness’ or, more accurately, ‘a compulsion.’  For most of my life, I have saved the bits and pieces – the theater programs, the concert tickets, the wedding invitations or birth announcements – and have added appropriate photos and organized it all into scrapbooks.  Day by day.  Year by year. Dozens of scrapbooks. Actually, well over a hundred by now.

Lately, though, progress has slowed down. I’m a couple of years behind and, not only does that weigh on my mind, but I am having doubts that I will be able to re-create the sequence of things or, for that matter, even remember who those visitors were or what the occasion was that I had so carefully planned to document.  So it is that I am working right now on a scrapbook about our recent trip to Quebec.  And, even though ‘recent’ is just a month ago, I find myself consulting with Nyel about this photograph or that.

In Downtown Sutton

In Downtown Sutton

Which brings up the serendipitous part of scrapbooks.  They are the very best way of reviewing, reliving, and re-experiencing the past.  Right now I am awash in memories of the colors and fragrances and sounds of that part of Quebec known as the Eastern Townships.  That’s where five of us Mystery Book Club members went last month in search of Three Pines, the fictional, non-existent village in Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache series.



Before we went, I don’t think I had ever even heard the term “Eastern Townships” which Wikipedia describes as a tourist region and a former administrative region in southeastern Quebec, Canada situated between the former seigneuries south of the Saint Lawrence River and the United States border… The area contains a population of about 330,000, most of whom are French-speaking.  The 41,000 native English-speakers form a significant minority. That description, of course, only hints at what we saw and felt and heard and loved.

Right now, I’m once again in Sutton, the first village we visited after leaving the bustle of Montreal.  And, for right now, I’m thinking Sutton was my favorite.  But, next up will be Lac Brome and Knowlton and no doubt my preferences will change yet again…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I think the scrapbooking is the expression of the Espy gene for saving bits and memorabilia. If they take you to places where you’ve experienced delight, so much the better. Thank goodness for your good genes!


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