Revisiting May 4, 2014

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Try as we might...

Try as we might…

Sunday, May 4th, was our first day on the open water. We were traveling north just off the coast of California on the Norwegian Pearl, headed toward San Francisco from the Port of Los Angeles at San Pedro. The weather was perfect, the seas were calm, and the seven of us old friends were just settling in to our five-day cruise. If I could have cloned myself, I would have,

Back at home in Oysterville it was a House Concert Day. The musician, Aaron Larget-Caplan (of Boston) had booked the date with us almost a year ago when he was scheduling his 2014 West Coast tour. The information went on the calendar (actually, it was a note on the last page of the 2013 calendar) and I didn’t give it another thought… for months!

When my old junior high friend Neil MacPhail called toward the end of summer and said he was booking a cruise for a group of us long-time friends I said, “Count us in!” without so much as a thought about double-checking our obligations for the merry month of May. In my mind, the gift of a cruise trumped just about anything!

Aaron Larget-Caplan

Aaron Larget-Caplan

Well, you know the rest. By the time I woke up to the error of my ways, Aaron had made his flight arrangements and his plans were set. Thank goodness for my good friend Linda-of-Seattle who agreed to hostess. She brought friends Te and Sheila for moral support and neighbors Tucker and Carol were on deck (so to speak) to provide back-up. Nyel and I had left the house set up, concert-ready, and left the Wednesday previously without looking back.

At four o’clock that afternoon I was sitting at the baby grand piano in our luxurious suite aboard the Pearl, thinking vaguely about the concert, and trying to pick out the bass part of “Heart and Soul” with Neil trying to remember the treble. We laughed a lot and, back in the recesses of my mind, I reassured myself that all was well in Oysterville. And it was!

Charlie (right) as John Quincy Adams

Charlie (right) as John Quincy Adams

Unbeknownst to me (until our return) was that son Charlie’s long-awaited television debut as John Quincy Adams appeared on the Travel Channel that very same evening at seven o’clock. Another cause for cloning, had we but known. Apparently, Charlie, himself, only found out a few hours beforehand. On his FaceBook page he wrote:

Yours truly plays John Quincy Adams tonight (Sunday, May 4th) on Hotel Secrets and Legends at 9 pm on the Travel Channel (with entirely improvised period dialogue). It’s one of several segments, and it’s a segment about Andrew Jackson, so I don’t know how much of me they’ve used.

So far, I’ve been unable to track down the program online, but Charlie (who wondered how much of his part would be edited out) said there were several shots of him and also a good close-up. The series is called “Hotel Secrets and Legends” and Charlie’s segment is called “The People’s President.”

What a day May 4th turned out to be! As usual, I wish I could have done it all – including remember the notes to “Heart and Soul.” Oh well…

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  1. Linda J

    Keep us posted if there’s a way to see “The People’s President” — sorry to have missed that!


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