Remembering Spring

Mar 22, 2016 | 1 comment

Our Apple Tree

Our Apple Tree

It’s a good thing that the flowers and cherry trees remember that it’s Spring.  Otherwise, we’d be hard pressed to know here in Oysterville.  Maybe it’s a little warmer out and maybe there are more birds arriving every day, but it’s not easy to tell.  The rain is relentless and casts a wet pall over the village.

Few people are out and about – just the dog-walkers bundled up in their wet weather gear, not lingering any longer than necessary on their morning and evening rounds. Even though it is Spring Break for some nearby school districts, there are fewer tourists than usual and those who do come into town often take pictures from the warmth and dryness of their cars.  On the plus side, perhaps, the stack of Oysterville Walking Tour brochures (free at the church) needs replenishing far less often.

On Territory Road, Oysterville

On Territory Road, Oysterville

Several people have told me that, despite all, they’ve been working in their gardens.  I should feel chagrined… but I don’t.  I’m taking a page from Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.  “Spring is a time of plans and projects,” he wrote.  While my plans may include those wretched flower beds, my current projects are of the inside variety.

I’ve been in an organizational frame of mind – going through old files, culling, consolidating, setting aside for future reference.  And not just my writing files, either.  All those minutes and agendas and by-laws, and all that correspondence and banking information for the various Boards on which I sit – all are getting the benefit of my scrutiny.  It’s a thankless task and I’m thinking that gardening chores will seem pretty intriguing by contrast.

But not until the sun shines and Spring becomes more than a memory.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    The Peninsula has certainly had some terrible storms lately. Happily it is very Springlike in Tacoma today. I hope your weather perks up. We got dumped on in Montesano on the way North yesterday.


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