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Jan 31, 2013 | 3 comments

From the Daily Astorian - CopyWhen our Astoria friend Michael wrote me saying “very nice coverage in the paper,” I was at once mystified and intrigued.  A few days later, he sent me a copy of “In One Ear,” a full-page column by Elleda Wilson from last Friday’s Daily Astorian.  Among the potpourri of vignettes about local and not-so-local happenings was a lovely write-up about me and my blog!

Not only is there a photograph of my website’s home page, but the headline says, “Read all about the quaint town.”  That would be Oysterville, of course!  And, best of all, Ms. Wilson really seems to ‘get’ what my blog is all about!  Among the lovely things she says is this paragraph:

Isolated as it is, one can’t help but wonder what Oysterville folks do.  Well, one of them at least, SYDNEY STEVENS, pictured, writes.  And writes.  She’s written several books, but what caught the Ear’s eye is her blog, “The Oysterville Daybook,” where she muses about the history of and daily life in Oysterville…

And, she even quotes “a snippet” from my January 9th post about our recalcitrant chickens!  I couldn’t help but think how pleased Sandy Stonebreaker would be about that.  (She often tells me that she enjoys my chicken blogs the most.)  My childhood friend Nan Russell-Stone who lives in California will be interested, too no doubt, and will probably share the news with her daughter Bonnie who blogs exclusively about her flock.

Well, just as I was getting used to my new-found ‘fame,’ a woman I know only by reputation and through her own wonderfully informative and insightful blog, “Write Away” (at devoted her entire posting to… yep!…  me and my blog again!  That was just yesterday!

Caroline-Miller-thumbAuthor Caroline Miller was our neighbor Tucker’s high school English teacher and we “know” each other through him.  Her five-times-a-week blog is devoted to writers and the writing process and her remarks about my “Oysterville Daybook” were prompted by my recent musings to my stop blogging entirely.

She gets right to the heart of the matter when she writes:  One gentleman wrote that he liked to read her blog each morning with his coffee,.  That was a powerful argument for carrying on, I thought:  to be part of someone’s new day, like a sun rise…  She goes on to say:  My guess is that Sydney Stevens will go on writing her observations about life in her small community. A writer can’t stop observing and recording insights…

Though we’ve never met (and I hope we do, soon), Caroline knows me very well, indeed.  Even more than a mention in the paper or online, it’s the chance reference to my posts made by a friend or a stranger that keeps me blogging.  I love it that Oysterville and I can be a small part of someone’s day – with or without sugar and cream!


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Congratulations, Sydney! I am glad that people are cheering you on to keep blogging. I’m not sure ANYONE reads mine, but I do it for me. Keep ’em comin’!

  2. Louise Labby Carroll

    Sydney, I am another reader of Caroline Miller’s blog and was tickled to find your blog mentioned. I spent over an hour reading past entries. What a hoot!

    My family has owned a vacation home in Seaview for over 100 years. Oysterville is always a trek we make to “check everything out”, and I still order crannies from Willabay!

    Caroline was my English teacher, too, and I went to school with Tucker (or as we called him back then, Chet). So not only do I get to hear about my dear Oysterville but watch Tucker and Carol’s house go through the transformation.

    Thank you again and please please keep writing.

    • sydney

      Thanks for getting in touch. It’s always great to ‘meet’ a friend of Tucker’s!


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