Rabbit! Rabbit!

Sep 1, 2015 | 1 comment

superstitionIt’s the first day of the month and the first words out of our mouths were “Rabbit! Rabbit!” Years ago our friend Michael told us that it if those are the first words you speak after midnight on the first day of each month, you will have good luck all month long. Not that we’re superstitious, you understand, but we’ve been exclaiming “Rabbit! Rabbit!” on the appropriate morning ever since.

Our friends Nan and Jack who live in Healdsburg, California were working on their conversational Spanish skills at about the same time as Michael’s ‘advice’ to us and I remember that Nan said they, too, had developed that early-morning-first-of-the-month habit. Only they said “Conejo! Conejo!” I wonder if they still do.

imagesLooking back of the months and years of the “Rabbit! Rabbit!” mantra, I can’t really say that our luck has been exceedingly good. But it hasn’t been really bad, either, so like all superstitions it’s one of those “Well, it can’t hurt…” things. We continue to observe the nonsensical ritual just because…

While I can understand how some superstitions might have come from safety concerns – like don’t walk under a ladder – it’s hard to imagine how “Rabbit! Rabbit!” came into usage. It’s probably just another example of the Mindless Sheep Syndrome. I don’t know if that makes Michael the alpha sheep or our unwitting (or perhaps witting) shepherd.

And, just to be clear – the Urban Dictionary does have an entry for ‘alpha sheep.’ Here is what it says: A trend setter or opinion leader amongst a group or population generally prone to following established customs. Often, alpha sheep are labeled as “black sheep” in their formative years, due to their tendency to adopt styles or preferences outside accepted custom. However, as they mature, alpha sheep develop into forerunners in fashion, music and culture, whom their peers look to for guidance.

Well… as they say, if the rabbit’s foot fits, you might as well wear it.

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  1. Nancy Russell Stone

    We did, indeed say “Rabbit” before “Good Morning” or “How is your shoulder?”…..following that utterance, an interesting conversation about the constellations in the northeast sky.


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