Pundits and Pollsters — Wrong again!

Jun 7, 2016 | 4 comments

517mdhhCmsL._SX300_I’m old.  I’m white.  I’m female.  And I’m unequivocally for Bernie Sanders.  According to the pollsters and pundits, of course, white women over 65 will vote for Hillary.  Not me.  Not a chance.  In fact, I’m probably one of those who would write in Bernie if he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination.  (And yes, write-in votes in the general election do count in 43 of our 50 states, including Washington.)

‘They’ tell me, of course, that a write-in for Bernie is as good as a vote for Trump.  And you know what?  If our nation is that misguided, so be it.  They tell me that for the good of ‘The Party’ I need to vote for Hillary.  And you know what?  If the good of the party means voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’ (as the pundits say Hillary is when compared to Trump), then I don’t think ‘the Party’ is in very good shape anyway.

download (1)A friend whose opinion I respect greatly – way more than any of the media, mainstream or otherwise – poses that Hillary knows her way around the intricacies of politics and government and can actually get things done, whereas Bernie has no similar track record and will be blocked at every turn.  It’s a good argument but I’m so tired of anything that smacks of the ‘insider track’ when it comes to our federal government.  Oh so tired.  That’s one of Bernie’s greatest appeals.  He thinks outside the box and he doesn’t align himself with those who can’t or won’t let go of the status quo.

And, speaking of the status quo, I’ve not talked to a single person – whether they be Democrats or Republicans or Independents – who feel that our voting system makes any sense at all.  Pledged delegates?  Super delegates? First ballots at conventions? Electoral College?  Forget it.  The one-person-one-vote method is what people want.  What’s the use of voting at all otherwise?  But it’s another of those entrenched-in-the-system anachronisms.  Even with the possibility of instant and mass communication, we are doing business as it has been ordered since horse-and-buggy days.

downloadI don’t think I’m in a minority here.  But I know that I will get responses that are patronizing and argumentative and even thoughtful.  No matter.  I probably won’t be paying good attention.  Right now I’m all about what’s happening in California today.  Go Bernie!


  1. Bill

    There is so much to discuss in today’s blog, but let’s limit it to the Supreme Court. Citizens United, voting rights, civil rights, a woman’s right to choose. I’ve heard that Ted Cruz is on Trump’s list for the next Supreme Court opening (as in now). Do you really want to help Trump make that decision?

    • sydney

      No, certainly not. I’m with Bernie all the way!

  2. Lee Ellis

    I’m also an old white female, and I’m with Bernie all the way!

  3. Steve

    I say eliminate the electoral. It does represent fairness in the election so they say. So even while Bush lost the popular he won the electoral he became president. Fair or unfair you decide.


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