Progress! One Step at a Time!

Dec 10, 2014 | 2 comments


Nyel on the Move

Nyel on the Move

Nyel is making great (and literal!) strides in his recovery. Two weeks ago he began walking with a walker. Last week, his physical therapy began on Wednesday and by Friday he had abandoned his walker and is now using his old friend the cane.

It reminds me of that old (and not at all politically correct) joke about Johnny and his crippled brother, Willie. They had been to Rome to ask the Pope for a miracle to cure Willie. When they returned Johnny enthused about their trip to his cronies at the bar.

Nyel in the Car

Nyel in the Car

“Did you get an audience with the Pope?” they asked.
            “Oh, yes!” said Johnny. “The Pope agreed to see us. Willie’s a cripple you know.”
            “What happened?” they wanted to know. “Did he cure Willie?”
            “Well… first, the Pope said to Willie, ‘Throw away your right crutch’ and Willie did.”
“Then what happened?” asked Johnny’s rapt audience.

           “Well… then the Pope said, ‘Throw away your left crutch’ and Willie did.
“And then??  Could he walk?” they urged.
“Well… then the Pope said, “Take a step, Willie!  Take a step!’ And Willie did!”
            “And?? Then what happened?” his listeners chorused.
            “Well… Willie fell flat on his ass of course. Willie’s a cripple you know!”

So far, I’m happy to report, there have been no missteps or falls for Nyel. Getting all of his muscles up and running after those many weeks of total inactivity is difficult and painful, but he is determined!

Apres Coffee

Apres Coffee

Even though he still cannot bend that left leg enough to get in the front seat of the car, he has been on a number of ‘outings’ – twice to Bailey’s Café for lunch, three times to Adelaide’s for coffee! Today, much to my delight, he will be ‘right behind me’ as we head over to South Bend for my book-signing at the Pacific County Historical Museum. I am so pleased, especially since he missed my first two ‘events’ in October and November. It didn’t seem the same without his encouraging smile from one of the back rows.

Too, it will be good to have him ‘aboard’ as I drive around the bay on this dark and stormy day! It may not be the best weather for an outing, but it is a perfect day for ghost stories!


  1. Nancy Russell stone

    First time to comment before Stephanie! Nyel looks great, like a film star. Hirsute! Can’t wait (but I will) to see him in person

  2. Steve Wright

    Hooray for Nyel! I.m glad to hear he has made so much progress. I’m sure these outings are as enjoyable to him as they are to you, a way of returning to normalcy. In the words of the
    “Little Engine that Could’ “I KNOW I Can!!”


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