Problems Among The Chicken People

Jun 27, 2020 | 0 comments

Slutvana on Patrol

It was gray and wet out as I went out to say “Good Morning” to the girls.  The four of them are still separated — Slutvana-the-Mean and Little Red Hen in the main coop and run area and the two new girls in the separate broody hen area.  I am ever hopeful that they will reach some sort of accommodation with one another, but so far… not so much.

Slutvana is the problem.  She is taking her self-appointed role as Alpha Hen way too seriously, marching up and down at the barrier fence and making threatening noises to the newcomers.  They usually have their backs turned to her and are busy exploring in the grassy areas of their quarters.  In the seven days since we’ve had them, they’ve give us seven eggs.  They are totally sweet, good-natured girls.  We are calling them Clara and Ida-Mae.  Meanwhile, cranky Slutvana and neutral Little Red, between them, have only given us one egg during the same time period!

Clara and Ida-Mae

I tried to explain to Slutvana that she is doing herself no favors.  However, she’s taking no  heed of my words or my tone, as far as I can tell.  On the other hand, she apparently still thinks I’m the Alpha Rooster because as soon as I enter the coop area, she dutifully “assumes the position.”  It’s pretty weird.  And, I must say, we nailed it when we named her.

Totally Territorial

This afternoon I plan to let Slutvana and Little Red out into the garden and lock them out of the coop area for a few hours.  Then, my plan is to entice the new two into the main run, let them explore the coop with its roost and nest boxes and food dispenser — let them get acquainted with the space.  I’m hoping they’ll take advantage of the visiting privileges and begin to get acclimated without that mean old Slutvana around.

Waiting Patiently at the Border Wall

And, of course, I hope that Slutvana and Little Red will take note of Clara and Ida-Mae in their space and see that the world doesn’t end.  Maybe if we can manage that for a few days in a row, we can try co-mingling.  Farmer Nyel thinks it will work.  But… I know for a fact that you never can tell with chickens.


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