Pride? Anxiety? Bhima’s not telling.

Apr 14, 2015 | 4 comments



When I went in to get my mail the other day, Bhima was sitting tall beside the door. At first glance I thought his expression was one of pride. But… maybe not. Perhaps it was Bhima looking anxious. I think it could have been interpreted either way.

Bhima doesn’t often stand sentinel at the entrance to the Oysterville Post Office. Usually he is lazing on the lawn in front of Greg’s house next door with a ball for fetching at the ready. He’s given up on me as a likely playmate, however. I’m usually on my way somewhere that makes a drool-covered hand undesirable. (No offense, Bhima!) This sentry pose was a new one for Bhima.

The Facelift Begins

The Facelift Begins

Also new was the white color of the building’s front wall. It’s a giant step forward in the face-lift process for which owner Greg has been preparing for some time. First came a lot of looking at early pictures. But reading colors from black and white photos is beyond difficult. Next came hours of careful paint-scraping in an effort to find the ‘original’ colors. Easier said than done. Then were the trips to Seattle to a place that specializes in matching heritage paints. (Well, I don’t know if “heritage” is the right term, but you know what I mean.)

I’m actually not sure of Greg’s final choices in the matter. I’ve heard him mention “Standard Station Red, White, and Blue,” “Coca Cola Red,” and some sort of very light mustardy khaki color. I also heard him say how much he likes the look of this bright white primer. So, I’m in wait-and-see mode. Maybe Bhima is, too.


Greg’s Photo of Bhima’s Coat of Many Colors

Or, it’s entirely possible that Bhima was purposely hiding his backside. During the painting process he managed to get a good bit of paint on his coat. If he were a FaceBook reader, he’d know that Greg had already posted that picture. I’m posting it once more on the off-chance that he reads my blog… And, be of good cheer, Bhima! You look great no matter what color you’re wearing!


  1. Larry Murante

    Poor Bhima! Well, the facade looks great anyway. I missed it’s resurrection by a few weeks. I did get to throw the ball for this poor creature though.

  2. Diane Buttrell

    I almost always find myself smiling when I read your blogs. Thanks.

  3. Marilyn Rogers


    Greg (my nephew) always sends me the pieces you write about him, and I enjoy them all, of course. This one, written obviously for Bhima’s self-indulgence, is especially fun.
    The paint on the backside, though, reminded me of when my own German Shepherd got wall paint on the tip of her tail. In my unwise youth, I tried to get it off with turpentine or paint-thinner! She wagged her tail more than usual that day, even after a dousing of water on the stinging tail.


    • sydney

      I’m so glad that Greg shares my blog stories with you!
      And I loved your memory of your own dog and her paint woes. I hope you’ve shared it with Bhima and Greg, as well!


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