Positively Pampered!

Feb 7, 2012 | 1 comment

Dinner Fit For A Queen!

     Being treated like royalty in your own home is a strange experience.  It happens to us every few months when our Lacey-lately-of-Surfside relatives come to town.  They arrive laden with all sorts of goodies and with more energy and enthusiasm than should be allowed.  Granted, they are a tad younger than we are and in way better shape, but still… it’s always a “wondrous strange” experience.
     They arrived yesterday – a planned visit even though we knew they would beat us to Oysterville.  So, when we arrived home after another of those doctoring days in the big city, they greeted us at our door.  They already had the steaks marinating, the potatoes ready for baking and the salad all but dressed.  They had house gifts for us, too – bright red hand towels for the kitchen and a bottle for the bar.
     “Sit down!  Sit down!” they said.  Drinks were offered and appetizers appeared.
     “Just relax.  Put your feet up.  You’ve had a long day!”  And they caught us up on their Super Bowl Sunday celebration, family news,  and their spring travel plans.
     Meanwhile, one or the other of them was outside getting the barbecue coals just right or in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on all the accoutrements.  Our sole contribution was the table; I had set it before we left yesterday morning.  It didn’t seem nearly enough to do (well, ‘their bedroom’ was ready, of course, but still.)
     We definitely felt like guests in our own home.  Not an unpleasant feeling, to be sure, but always at the back of our minds is the thought that we can never hope to fully reciprocate their generosity and outright pampering.  So… we go with the flow, trying not to feel any pressure.  Tonight is our turn in the kitchen.  Yikes!
     Oh… and did I say the dinner was delicious?  Steaks done to perfection and just how we like them!  I wonder if my Chicken Parmesano will suffice…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    The guests you describe are the best sort to have and I am sure that having such a lovely home to stay in and the pleasure of your company are plenty of balance for treating you to a meal when you’ve had a couple of long drives and a long day. I am glad you were treated like royalty. Everyone deserves that occasionally and IS your special month, Sydney!


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