Poised For The Next Step

Jan 14, 2021 | 2 comments

The Next Step

I wonder how many of us are ready in Pacific County?   Presumably, those of us over 70 are next in line to receive the vaccine — the “B-1 Group” according to recent e-mail information we received.  And received. And received.  It was not made clear how we will be notified as to where and when to offer our arms.  But in our household, we are more than ready.  I imagine there are many, many all over the County who are ready to take that next step.

Meanwhile, we wait.  I’m not really certain what it is that we are waiting for.  Perhaps for authorization to come from on high.  Or, perhaps for more vaccine.  According to Wednesday’s paper:  Some 1,175 doses have been distributed to health facilities in Pacific County so far.  Ocean Beach Hospital initially received 975 does of Pfizer’s vaccine several weeks ago, but [Katie] Lindstrom said 500 of the doses have since been transferred to an out-of-county provider because there aren’t enough Phase 1a-eligible people in the county to use up all of the doses.

For you…?

SAY WHAT?  Now that’s something we aren’t hearing in the news very often!  Mostly the lament is that states and counties and health facilities are not getting what they need.  Wow!  Leave it to Pacific County to get too much and then to give it away!  Makes our county look pretty good, eh?  But actually, I might rather have a shot in my arm than a feather in my cap.

I’m sure there are rules.  Layers and layers of them.  Bureaucracy to a fault.  God forbid someone gets vaccinated before their category comes up and it’s their turn.  I wonder how many B-1 folks in Pacific  County might contract the virus while they are waiting.  While 500 doses are going elsewhere.  The mind boggles.

Back In The Day

Meanwhile… no one has said how we B-1 folks will be told it’s our turn.  Or where to go.  I remember taking my year-old son to a school gymnasium in Redwood City where table after table was set up with sugar cubes in little cups.  The first go-round of the polio vaccine.   That was in 1957.  I don’t remember any anxiety about next steps then.  But we were all a lot younger, too.  We hadn’t even taken that first step for mankind, so perhaps the shoe was right where it needed to be in the first place.  Let’s hope that’s the case now, as well.


  1. Cathy Kary

    Last week we weren’t qualified and this week we were notified by e-mail that we could make an appointment for Friday to receive our immunization.
    Hard to keep up with the powers that be.
    Then there is our daughter who works as a lab tech at a County Health clinic and they innoculated their employees and had vaccine left over but wouldn’t give it to her.

    • sydney

      Thanks so much for this response, Cathy. I’m going to email you with a few questions, if you don’t mind.


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